Healthcare / Medical Outsourcing Solutions


Healthcare Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Over the past few years we have seen significant change in the healthcare sector. Technology dependency has increased, preponderance of quality over cost and other evolving new legal and regulatory compliances forced healthcare sector to recast business and care delivery processes. 

CNS healthcare outsourcing service offerings help the healthcare industry to achieve their day to day business challenges in the existing scenario with more ease by deploying efficient business process and technology independent of the clients' platform. CNS healthcare services take care of: 

          Health organization


          Individual doctors

          Insurance companies 



CNS comprehensive healthcare BPO services include:


Revenue Cycle Management Solutions

Increased efficiences, streamlined workflow and enhanced business processes are the keys to unlock the potential in your revenue cycle and driving cash flow. An optimized revenue cycle provides the resources needed to care for patients, while positioning your practice for the future. Strong cash performance also provides a sustainable funding mechanism for crucial project projects, new technology and clinical enhancements that drive patient care.


Your choice of end-to-end, customized revenue cycle solutions from CNS Services can enhance help the financial performance of nearly any practice. From front-end process improvements to claims submission and collections we can provide the expertise you need to ensure your revenue cycle processes run efficiently. The results are improved patient satisfaction, timely reimbursement, stable A/R and optimal cash flow.


Boost productivity and cut revenue cycle costs. High administrative and operational overhead are eating into your profitability. With revenue cycle costs. High administrative and operational overhead are eating into your profitability. With revenue cycle management and business process consulting services from CNS, you'll be able to reduce payroll costs, ensure administrative efficiency, increase revenue and improve physician and patient satisfaction.


Accelerate revenue cycles and improve customer satisfaction with accounts receivable follow-up from CNS Services. With more than 5 years of experiance in the U.S. healthcare industry, our specialists can analyse claims and explanations of benefits, and take the actions needed to recover the amount due.


Precisely collecting every dollar owed to your practice is the goal of an efficiently run revenue cycle. However, sustainability in cash flow over the long term is the ultimate goal. Utilizing the latest in revenue cycle technology and best practicies, we work with you to customize solutions and as your business partner our objective is to help your optimize value while achieving long-term benefits.


Medical Billing: Medical Billing Outsourcing has become very popular these days because of various problems like manual entry, errors in coding, missed charges and delay in claim submissions. To deal with these problems, CNS as a medical billing service provider offers services like: 

          Insurance verification

          Claims submission and tracking

          Claims denial investigation and follow-up

          Tracking, payment posting of patient statements

          Patient Demographics Entry

          Accounts Receivables from the prospect customer and their follow ups 

So, by providing these services, we ensure that our clients have more time to take care of their patients, leaving all the worries on us.


Claims settlement and Processing: CNS offers medical claims outsourcing services for claims settlement to improve the efficiencies of our clients. Our expertise in managing and recovering of claim at the shortest span of time gives edge to our clients. Our skilled staff specializes in identifying the priority account that needs follow ups and we are best in recovering claims. 

Our health care claim processing services include: 

           Medical Claim documents received from provider.

           Various verifications of the documents and quality control

           Registration of the claim with unique ID and then medical auditing

           Settlement of the claim (whether  Decline/approved)


Data review, analysis and processing: CNS Provides Accurate Data Entry services by reviewing the data and information, analyzing it and than processing the accurate information. We provide the medical transcription BPO services without compromising the quality and confidentiality of client’s data .With the experience of well qualified transcriptionists; we provide end-to-end solutions for medical transcription requirements. 


What Problems do We Solve?


Reduce Cost

Healthcare companies need to optimize operational procedures by streamlining processes and trimming operational costs. We provide the health care solutions which help them to reduce their operational cost by 25% to 30%. 



Healthcare companies need automated compliance management systems that can be extended to include vendors and business partners. Our health care management services ensure the timely compliance handling.



Confidentiality means that only certain individuals will have the right to access the information and that it is secure from others. It is our responsibility to protect patient information. Healthcare agencies and providers must provide confidentiality and privacy of the healthcare information that they collect, maintain, use, and/or transmit. CNS Health care BPO provides the data confidentiality. 


Dynamic access to reliable patient information

In order to make critical decisions for patients and associated business operations, a central repository for critical data is needed and access levels across secure channels defined. CNS health care backend services ensures on time right information availability.